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The Discovery Personality Test
Researched, created and validated by Psychological Research Foundation LLC.

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Your personality - as well as skills and experience - has a tremendous impact on your work success, personal growth and relationships.

The Discovery Personality Test analyses your personality and behaviour - both in work and non-work situations.  Based on the widely used DISC personality model, your report indicates your strengths and possible areas for self-development.

This report does not pretend to be 100% accurate - all personality test measurements contain some error. 

You might like to share your report with other people who know you well.  Ask them if they think that it is an accurate description of your personality. 

"He who knows others is learned.
He who knows himself is wise."
–Lao Tse

The Theory Behind The Discovery Personality Test

This test is based on the highly successful DISC model of personality.  Tests based on this model have been administered more than 50 million times throughout the world to help select and develop people. 

The DISC Theory was developed by William Moulton Marston in the 1920's.  (W. M. Marston: 1893-1947, Harvard graduate, lawyer, psychologist and educational consultant.)  Since then the theory has been refined and validated by many eminent psychologists and HR professionals. The Discovery Personality Test takes this a step further.  This test applies the 'Blink' Decision Making Technique that is revolutionising the accuracy of psychometric testing. 

DISC Model of Personality

Dominance Describes the way you deal with problems, assert yourself and control situations.
Influence Describes the way you deal with people, the way you communicate and relate to others.
Steadiness Describes your temperament - patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness
Compliance Describes how you approach and organise your activity, procedures and responsibilities.

Your DISC Profile

Your responses indicate that you ....

  DISC Graph
  • thrive on competition and challenge.

  • are goal orientated and want the freedom to do it your way.

  • are resourceful, aim high and want authority.

  • are self-sufficient and individualistic.

  • tend to be direct and positive with people.

  • are comfortable working alone.

  • tend to take little at face value.

  • have a tendency to be focused.  Once you have sorted out the facts you go for the goal.

  • only bring into play your social skills when logic/circumstance dictates.

  • get restless and bored when involved in routine and repetitive work/activities.  

  • need change and variety in your work and non-work life.  

  • enjoy stretching yourself intellectually and physically.

  • are independent and uninhibited.

  • feel restrained by rules and restrictions.  

  • prefer to be measured by results.

  • are willing to try the untried. 

  • feel that 'detail' and routine work is best 'delegated' - done by others.

Your Personality Profile & Summary

You are self-reliant and individualistic. 

You are likely to treat team goals as personal goals.  You have a high sense of personal accountability and set very high standards for others.

You tolerate working under pressure and you are unlikely to be demoralised by rejection. 

Your drive and individualism may reduce your effectiveness when working as a member of a team. 

When faced with opposition, you are likely to respond by becoming even more persistent, forceful and innovative.

Your prime value to an organisation

Your ability to focus and not be side-tracked from your drive to achieve an objective.

Your responsiveness to change and ability to be inventive when faced with problems. 

Your capacity to function without the support and encouragement of others.

Tactics & Strategies for Increased Effectiveness
Develop and use your empathy.  Make an extra effort to see the situation through the other person's eyes.  Remember, although you may be the strongest member you are still 'part of a team'.


DISC 'Classical' Patterns

Compare your personality profile to the DISC 'Classical' Patterns


To help communication and understanding, researchers and experts in the DISC Personality Model have defined what are known as Classical patterns.


Classical patterns are based on the relationship between the scores for the four DISC areas measured ... on the 'shape' of the profile.

(Classical patterns are given names.  The objective of these names is to give a single descriptive term that captures the essence of that personality profile.)



'The Individualist'


The Classical pattern that is most similar to your personality profile is frequently called 'The Individualist'.

Here are some key words that people often use to describe The Individualist:


Self-assured and confident; forceful; logical; change-orientated; independent; single-minded; decisive; tough; focused.


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Sharing your report
You may find it valuable to share this report with people who know you well both in work and non-work situations.

Career Options
Obviously when considering options, you have to take into account academic and professional requirements; acquired/transferable skills, experience and your own personal financial needs. 

Based on your personality profile we suggest that you particularly consider jobs that allow you to reach solutions on your own.  Work that involves a good degree of change and new challenges. 

We suggest that you might like to let a prospective employer know your strengths and key values to an organisation as defined by The Discovery Test.  So why not include these on your Resume/CV?  For example you could copy and paste the following:

I have taken the Discovery Test at Here is an extract from my report:

Your prime value to an organisation is...

  • Your ability to focus and not be side-tracked from your drive to achieve an objective.

  • Your responsiveness to change and ability to be inventive when faced with problems. 

  • Your capacity to function without the support and encouragement of others.'

The right person for the right job...

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